Banacek DVD


Banacek was one of NBC’s Mysterie Movie that was short-lived in Television. It was light-hearted detective Tv series starred George Peppard on NBC aired form 1972 to 1974. George Peppard played Thomas Banacek, a suave Boston-based freelance investigator who solved seemingly impossible thefts and collected from insurance companies 10% of the value of the insured property. By solving most complicated and unusual mysteries he makes a lot of money. Banacek was run for two(2) season with 17 episode all in all. To be specific:

1. Banacek: Detour to Nowhere
Season one
2. Let’s Hear It For A Living Legend

3. Project Phoenix

4. No Sign of the Cross

5. A Million the Hard Way

6. To Steal A King

7. Ten Thousand Dollars A Page

8. The Greatest Collection of Them All

9. The Two Million Clams of Cap’n Jack

Season two

10. No Stone Unturned

11. If Max Is So Smart, Why Doesn’t He Tell Us Where He Is?

12. The Three Million Dollar Piracy

13. The Vanishing Chalice

14. Horse of A Slightly Different Color

15. Rocket to Oblivion

16. Fly Me- If You Can Find Me

17. Now You See Me, Now You Don’t




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